Wife holds broken bottle to husband’s throat when he does not let her see their kids

34-year-old Tonya Martinez was charged with aggravated assault when she threatened to kill her husband for not letting her see her kids. She broke a bottle and held it to his throat before cutting herself with it.

On May 4th, Memphis Police Department was contacted by Daniel Martinez who reported that his wife came to his residence at the 4300 block of Reed Avenue to see their kids. She became irate when he told her that he won’t let her see them without police present due to past interactions. He said that she grabbed him by the throat on the front porch, broke a bottle and held it up to his neck, and threatened to kill him. Tonya then ran away while cutting herself saying that she wanted to kill herself. That is when Daniel called the police.

Tonya Martinez (SCSO)
Tonya Martinez (SCSO)

MPD found Tonya at Macon and Wells Station with cuts on her arm. She admitted to threatening Daniel when he insulted her mother knowing that she had passed away by saying “fuck your mom”. Felony Response Detective McKinnie arrived after she was checked by the Memphis Fire Department for her injuries, she refused to speak to him. She was then taken into custody and transported to Jail East.

Tonya Martinez was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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