Woman identifies herself in case photos; charged with theft and credit card fraud

42-year-old Kissie Cunningham was charged with theft of property and three counts of credit card fraud when two women reported their wallets were lifted from their offices and Kissie identified herself in footage utilizing the stolen card.

On April 14th, Officer Rushing was called to the Women’s Health Center located at 2900 Kirby Parkway in regard to a theft. Ms. Hardy told officers that she had left her purse at her desk on April 13th and realized on the 14th that her wallet was missing when her bank reached out about questionable transactions. Ms. Hardy’s pocketbook was valued at $300.

Kissie Cunningham (SCSO)
Kissie Cunningham (SCSO)

Then on April 24th, Officer Lovreta was called to a theft at Baldwin and Shell Construction located at 3725 Champion Hill Road. Similarly to the Hardy incident, Ms. Lopez had stowed her handbag in her cubicle and later reported four debit cards, her driver’s license and social security card were removed from her purse. Forged charges to Ms. Lopez’s accounts included $518 to Walgreens and $31 to Pizza Hut.

On April 25th, Detective Westrich collected surveillance footage from Sam’s Club where two “heavy set” females had attempted to use Ms. Lopez’s Sam’s card for a purchase. When the card declined they paid $3,056 with an alternate tender. Finally, Detective Richardson obtained footage from the Home Depot located at 3469 Riverdale Road. According to the affidavit, the footage revealed Cunningham using lifted cards to make a $1302.55 purchase. On April 28th, Cunningham waived her rights and identified herself in still shots.

On April 28th, Kissie Cunningham was arrested and charged with theft of property and three counts of credit card fraud. She was released on her own recognizance.

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