Couple’s conflicting statements result in double booking

24-year-old Tamera Conley and 27-year-old Isaiah Pearson were charged with domestic assault after he threw her against a door, headbutted her, and tried to suffocate her. She hit him several times with a fan and had her 7-year-old daughter get her a knife in an attempt to harm him.

On June 15th, Officers Wilson, Singleton, Tolbert, Payne, Schwab, and Nelson were dispatched to the Stella Apartments located on 2245 W River Trace Dr in regards to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Tamera Conley, who informed law enforcement that she had been involved in a verbal altercation with her boyfriend, Isaiah Pearson. The argument had turned physical once Pearson reportedly threw Conley against a door of the apartment and began to strangle the woman. According to the affidavit, Conley did not lose consciousness but was headbutted by Pearson shortly after being choked. Pearson proceeded to ask her 7-year-old daughter to retrieve a knife from the kitchen in order to protect herself. When the child returned with the knife, Pearson allegedly took the blade from the daughter’s hands. In doing so, the grabbing of the knife caused a small laceration on the left hand of Pearson.

According to Pearson, the two had been involved in a verbal altercation regarding a vehicle. During the dispute, Conley reportedly struck Pearson close to seven times with a fan. Pearson informed law enforcement that he then shoved Conley away from himself out of self-defense. It was at this point that Conley requested her daughter bring a knife from the kitchen, to which Pearson responded by taking the knife from the child.

Officers observed that injuries had been sustained to Pearson’s left hand, presumably from the knife. Redness was apparent on the neck of Conley. Both parties would deny medical treatment and completed hold harmless forms. Due to neither party being determined as a primary aggressor, Conley and Pearson were both taken into custody for domestic assault. The daughter’s aunt, Alexis Conley, was left with the woman’s children while the two were jailed.

Tamera Conley and Isaiah Pearson were arrested and charged with domestic assault. They were both later released on their own recognizance.

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