Memphis man records and uploads to adult video “hub” without woman’s consent

34-year-old Kenneth Hamilton was charged with four counts of unlawful photographing in violation of privacy after being reported by a woman for recording their sexual encounters without her knowledge and later uploading them to an adult site. A second woman reported that he sent her a text message with a still shot of a video of them and said “Remember this?”

On May 3rd, Memphis Police Department (MPD) made contact with T. Dodson, who made a complaint about the defendant, Kenneth Hamilton. She said that he uploaded videos of them having sexual intercourse unbeknownst to her onto Pornhub. A classmate contacted her about seeing her in a video on the website and sent her the URL. This was the first time that Dodson heard about the videos. There were three videos on Pornhub involving her and Hamilton performing penile-vaginal sex and vaginal-oral sex, which she said took place in May of 2018.

Kenneth Hamilton (SCSO)
Kenneth Hamilton (SCSO)

On May 16th, M. Hence reported that she too was apart of videos uploaded to Pornhub of her and Kenneth Hamilton having penile-vaginal sex. She stated that she found out about the videos when Hamilton messaged her a screenshot of the video with a text message asking, “remember this?” Hamilton admitted to the text messages that he recorded the video of Hence and him having sex around the time of July 2019.

On May 17th and 24th, Dodson and Hence gave the police a video recorded statement and picked Hamilton out in a photographic line-up of 6 people. On June 15th, Hamilton arrived at the Sex Crimes Bureau where he was shown the video statement from Dodson and Hence. He was then Mirandized, and police advised him that he did not have consent for filming the videos including victims, T. Dodson and M. Hence, and uploading them to Pornhub.

Kenneth Hamilton was arrested and charged with four counts of unlawful photographing in violation of privacy. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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