Drunk man poops on girlfriend’s porch, found ‘covered in feces and vomit’

38-year-old Gerald Robinson was charged with domestic assault and two counts of vandalism. Robinson’s most recent incident involves the destruction of his girlfriend’s front door and television screen after returning home inebriated to the point of defecating on the front porch, per report.

On June 6th, Officers Caston and McIntyre were dispatched to a vandalism call at 2362 Progress Ave. Upon arrival, law enforcement made contact with Natalie Chandler. Chandler informed officers that her boyfriend, Gerald Robinson, lives at her residence and came to the premise inebriated. According to the affidavit, Robinson knocked on the door and, after Chandler did not open the door, began to excrete on the porch.

Gerald Robinson (SCSO)
Gerald Robinson (SCSO)

Robinson then allegedly kicked the door off of the hinge, entering the premises. Once inside, Chandler claimed that Robinson began striking a TCL flat-screen television and throwing different items about the house. After throwing the items, Robinson finished his defecation in the restroom. The value of the items that the man destroyed was estimated at $550. Robinson was noted by officers to be coated in vomit and feces. Both Chandler and Robinson denied medical attention or transport for such.

Further investigation revealed Robinson to have active warrants for his arrest. In April, Robinson vandalized Chandler’s car and television. According to the April affidavit, Robinson also assaulted Chandler by pulling her around by the hair. He was charged with domestic assault and vandalism.

Gerald Robinson was arrested and charged with domestic assault and two counts of vandalism. His bond was set at $15,000.

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