Man rams girlfriend’s head into walls over the use of her truck

feat Hunter Joshua

27-year-old Joshua Hunter was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he put his ex-girlfriend in a chokehold, scratched her chest and leg, and rammed her head into multiple walls.

Teen causes ruckus while being released from jail to be put right back in after spitting on deputies

18-year-old Keveauna Rice was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, resisting official detention, and vandalism after snatching down signs on jail walls and damaging a deputy’s vehicle.

Man busts girlfriend’s window during argument; tells police he wants to kill himself

feat Holland Dashawn

19-year-old Dashawn Holland was charged with vandalism after police told him to leave during an argument with his girlfriend, returned minutes later and busted out her window, then ran from police and told them he was schizophrenic and “wanted to kill himself”.

Woman ‘delivered’ to jail after stabbing ex-boyfriend’s car and threatening to kill him

31-year-old Sylvia Ray was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism when she was involved in an argument with her ex-boyfriend in this car. She then ripped off his rearview mirror, threatened to kill him, and then jumped in the back and started stabbing passenger seat with scissors.

Drunk man poops on girlfriend’s porch, found ‘covered in feces and vomit’

38-year-old Gerald Robinson was charged with domestic assault and two counts of vandalism. Robinson’s most recent incident involves the destruction of his girlfriend’s front door and television screen after returning home inebriated to the point of defecating on the front porch, per report.

Daughter attempts to flatten mother after arguing about a curfew

19-year-old Aureyauna Shaw was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after she was involved in an argument with her mother over having a curfew. When she was kicked out of the house, she attempted to run her mother over and hit her car.

Woman breaks ex-boyfriend’s cell phone and takes teddy bear; charged with vandalism

32-year-old Trenika Lambert was charged with vandalism after breaking her ex-boyfriend’s cell phone and throwing a teddy bear outside into a mud puddle. On February 25th, Officer Crocker responded to a burglary call on Hendricks Avenue. Michael Foster told officers that his ex-girlfriend Trenika Lambert kicked in his sister’s bedroom door, broke his cell phone, and took a teddy bear and threw it outside into a mud puddle. Trenika then went to her room on the other side of the house and that’s when Michael called the police. Trenika and…