Elderly man beats another man into critical condition with a shovel over $5

66-year-old Anthony Jackson was charged with beating a man to critical condition with a shovel over an argument about the man owing him five dollars.

On June 9th, at 8:15 pm Officers Edwards, Adams, Cox, and Truitt arrived at 2032 Chelsea Avenue where there was a call for an armed party. Joseph Paige, a witness, said identified the defendant, Anthony Jackson, who he said began beating the victim, Albert Mack, with a shovel.

Anthony Jackson (SCSO)
Anthony Jackson (SCSO)

Jackson got into an argument with Mack over five dollars when he picked up a shovel and beat Mack in the head and body with it causing him to be in critical condition. Mack was transported to Regional One hospital to be treated in his critical condition and Jackson admitted to attacking him with a shovel but because Mack brandished a pair of pliers against him.

Anthony Jackson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $5,000.

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