Party fight leads to man getting pistol and “pointing it at everyone”

24-year-old Spencer Thorne was charged with fighting with victims at a party and after it was broken up going and producing a Taurus which he was said to have pointed at them. Yet there was a witness that stated that he saw the whole ordeal and did not notice him pointing it at anyone.

On June 6th, at 6:40 pm Deputies Cook, Houston, and Matthews arrived at Irene Woods Apartments (4577 Mayfield Circle) to find several people outside running around and screaming. The deputies spoke with a victim, Timothy Harris, who said that the defendant, Spencer Thorne, pointed a weapon at everyone causing them to panic and escape the building. Thorne was walking close to the apartments when police caught up to him and gave him commands to put his hands on his head and lie down, in which he complied. They found a Taurus handgun in his waist which they seized immediately.

Spencer Thorne (SCSO)
Spencer Thorne (SCSO)

As the deputies began taking statements from the victims, Timothy Harris told police that everyone was at the residence for a party and that they all had been drinking alcohol. Timothy Harris and Jimma Thorne (victim) said that Spencer and Christopher Markham (victim) began arguing and later devolved to fist fighting, which Harris and Michael Clark (victim) broke up, Harris said. Spencer then went and retrieved the Taurus handgun and “pointed it at everyone” per Harris’ statement. A witness, William David, was interviewed by police who said that he saw everything to include the argument, fight, and the grabbing of the weapon but he said that Spencer did not point it at anyone.

Spencer Thorne was arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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