Memphis man allows his child’s mother to live with him if he can assault her

25-year-old Yadahni Hunter was charged with domestic assault after kicking his baby’s mother out of his residence while she had nowhere else to go. Hunter then reportedly allowed West to re-enter and stay in the apartment if he had permission to assault her.

On June 6th, Officers Canfield and Henry were dispatched to Bristol Gardens located on 3803 Given Ave in regards to an incident of domestic violence. Upon arrival, law enforcement made contact with Marqueshia Shields, who informed police that her brother Yadahni Hunter was assaulting the mother of his children, Becky West.

Shields stated that West had been living with her after Hunter kicked the woman out of his residence in lieu of an altercation between the two. Shields added that, 10 days prior to the most recent incident, she was tasked with breaking up an argument between Hunter and West at their cousin’s apartment. Law enforcement was not called during the previous incident.

Yadahni Hunter (SCSO)

Upon questioning, West admitted that she does not have custody over their children and occasionally lives with Hunter, despite the stints usually bringing about abuse. West states that 10 days ago Hunter kicked her out of the residence. According to the affidavit, West had no other place to go and the only way she could remain at the apartment is if Hunter had permission to assault her. Due to her circumstances, West stated to have allowed the abuse. Hunter reportedly threw West to the floor alongside administering kicks and punches on her hip and leg, creating sustainable injuries noted by law enforcement on June 6.

On the date of the most recent incident, West visited Hunter’s residence to see her children. Shortly after allowing her inside, an argument arose between the two, leading to Hunter shoving West and demanding her to vacate the premises. According to Hunter, West did come to visit her children but attempted to enter the apartment after extending his hand in order to deny entry. There were no witnesses in the most recent incident but Shields dialed 911 because she was tired of her brother attacking West. Hunter informed law enforcement that his landlady, Ms. Morgan, was a witness to the couple’s altercations. Officers attempted to reach Morgan but were unable to due to a full voicemail box.

Three family members of Hunter all confirmed that the man uses the custody of his children in order to “control and manipulate” West. Bessie Rodgers, the grandmother of Hunter, also claimed that West was the only one of the two who had a job and that the man takes the money that she earns. West later completed hold harmless and lethality forms for the assault.

Yadahni Hunter was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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