Royal King Rumble: Woman punched in the face and chased around with a knife

26-year-old Tia Byers was charged with aggravated assault and two counts of vandalism after chasing LaSonya Sturghill around a Royal King convenience store with a knife. Prior to this, Byers shattered Sturghill’s iPhone X and punched her in the face.

On June 14th, Officers Braxton, Clark, and Lenow were dispatched to the Royal King located on 850 W Raines Rd in regards to an aggravated assault. Upon arrival, law enforcement identified and apprehended LaSonya Sturghill and Tia Byers. Both parties were transported to the General Investigation Bureau, where Sturghill and Byers provided written statements.

Sturghill informed officers that, while at the checkout of the convenience store, Byers entered and began a dispute between the two parties. Byers reportedly turned the altercation physical by striking Sturghill in the face. Following the punch, Sturghill was forced to the ground by Byers, who additionally threw and shattered the woman’s iPhone X. The phone was valued at approximately $600. Employees of the Royal King proceeded to separate the two parties, to which Byers responded with threats of killing everyone in the store, per report. According to the affidavit, Byers returned to her vehicle and obtained a kitchen knife. Byers entered the convenience store once again and made claims of killing Sturghill.

Tia Byers (SCSO)
Tia Byers (SCSO)

Byers chased Sturghill with a knife around the Royal King while employees again advised the assailant to vacate the premises to prevent further injury to Sturghill. While exiting the parking lot of the store, Byers rammed her Dodge Caliber into Sturghill’s Chevrolet Impala. The wreck was estimated to deal over $1,000 worth of damage to the vehicle. Sturghill proceeded to remove Byers’ keys from the Caliber and delivered them to store managers in order to prevent further damage.

Byers would waive her rights and confess to being involved in an altercation with Sturghill in the statement. Byers additionally admitted to obtaining a knife from her vehicle during the dispute but denied the opportunity to proceed with her written statement from there. Sturghill claimed that Byers, whom she has reportedly known since kindergarten, placed the woman in fear of her life. Law enforcement observed injuries sustained to Sturghill’s nose, neck, and face. Byers was later identified as the assailant by Sturghill in a six-person photographic lineup.

Tia Byers was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and two counts of vandalism. Her bond was set at $10,000.

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