Lovers quarrel quickly escalates when a third party pulls a gun “ready to pop a bitch”

Feat Kinchelow vs Green

38-year-old Dorothy Kinchelow and 36-year-old Michelle Green were both charged with domestic assault after the two, who are in a relationship with each other, swung on one another swung on each other.

“R.I.P. to my baby daddy” Facebook post leads to a shot fired into the air by mother

feat Smith Martine

38-year-old Martine Smith was charged with domestic violence after firing a shot in the air and pointing a gun at her child’s father and his children to intimidate him to leave her residence.

Boyfriend repeatedly strikes woman’s face while fleeing with newborn child

36-year-old Odell Pegues was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after breaking two door handles on his girlfriend’s car and striking her seven times in the face while their newborn child was present in the vehicle, per report.

Royal King Rumble: Woman punched in the face and chased around with a knife

26-year-old Tia Byers was charged with aggravated assault and two counts of vandalism after chasing LaSonya Sturghill around a Royal King convenience store with a knife. Prior to this, Byers shattered Sturghill’s iPhone X and punched her in the face.

Memphis woman takes ‘duckface’ mugshot after DUI arrest

Mikayla Coleman was charged with driving under the influence, failure to exercise due care, public intoxication, driving while license suspended, and violation of financial law after being involved in a vehicle accident and officers conducted a field sobriety test and discovered her license to be suspended.