Woman charged with firearm, cocaine, and weed in in a unicorn bag after officers think she OD’d

23-year-old Michelle Kimble was charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession with intent cocaine, marijuana, and paraphernalia when officers investigated a suspected overdose.

On May 2nd, Officers Payne and Tate noticed a 2009 Audi 100 blocking the entrance of the Jackson Heights Inn and Suites located at 2889 Old Austin Peay Highway. According to an affidavit, the officers approached the car and observed Michelle Kimble passed out in the passenger seat. The report also claims that because the area is well known for drug trafficking they opened the driver side door to ensure she had not overdosed. When opening the door, Officer Payne caught sight of a baggie of suspected marijuana in the door.

Kimble told the officers Terrance Bobo had driven and was inside getting a room. When officers were running Bobo’s social security number he fled on foot. A search of the vehicle produced a 40 caliber Glock firearm between the seats and a unicorn backpack containing several baggies of cannabis with a total weight of 115.4 grams, three digital scales, drug presses, and 50.9 grams of cocaine in a blender.

On June 1st, Michelle Kimble was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, possession with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver cocaine and marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Her bond was set at $25,000.

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