Ex-boyfriend assaults woman, stopped by brother-in-law with a handgun

28-year-old Dakota Chambers was charged with domestic assault when he dragged his ex-girlfriend by the hair out into the backyard and put her in a headlock until her brother-in-law grabbed a handgun to stop him. Two shots were fired.

On July 2nd, Officers Hill, Bittick, Austin, and Stewart were guided by an anonymous stranger to 7269 Rose Trail Road in response to a shots fired call. They made contact with Casey Vaughn, who said that the dispute was between his sister-in-law Caroleann Glover and her ex-boyfriend Dakota Chambers.

Dakota Chambers (SCSO)
Dakota Chambers (SCSO)

He said they were arguing and he tried to deescalate the situation to no avail. Chambers grabbed Glover by the hair and tried to drag her to the backyard before she broke away from him. He then put her in a headlock and led her the rest of the way outside. Vaughn said at this time he grabbed his handgun from his bedroom and ran outside to demand that Chambers let Glover go.

When Chambers still did not let go of Glover, Vaughn shot one round into the ground. Another round was fired because Chambers then started shoving Vaughn and eventually obtained the handgun. The report states that the second round was accidental due to them shoving each other at the time it was fired.

Dakota Chambers was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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