Woman gives ex two piece then breaks window to his home and scratches his truck

38-year-old Kabriqua Tate was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after punching her ex-boyfriend in the head and chest as well as damaging his property.

Man’s house made holey by ex-girlfriend; doors and walls smashed

25-year-old Deonna Roach was charged with misdemeanor vandalism after her ex-boyfriend reported to police that she kicked all of his doors in and punched holes in all the walls.

Man continuously harasses and threatens the mother of his child; per witness report

30-year-old Edgar Alvarado was charged with harassment and drug paraphernalia after showing up to his ex-girlfriends’ house, banging on the windows, and threatening her.

Woman tries to run her ex-boyfriend over two days in a row

24-year-old Kasheena Montgomery was charged with aggravated assault and two counts of vandalism after she tried to run over her ex-boyfriend two days in a row and damaged his Trailblazer as well as someone else’s Infiniti SUV.

Ex-boyfriend assaults woman, stopped by brother-in-law with a handgun

28-year-old Dakota Chambers was charged with domestic assault when he dragged his ex-girlfriend by the hair out into the backyard and put her in a headlock until her brother-in-law grabbed a handgun to stop him. Two shots were fired.