Girlfriends feud over possible cheating; both charged after hitting each other

28-year-old Trenika Cathey and 21-year-old Miracle Johnson were charged with domestic assault after getting into a scuffle over infidelity then a witness said he saw Cathey fire a handgun at Johnson.

Lovers quarrel quickly escalates when a third party pulls a gun “ready to pop a bitch”

Feat Kinchelow vs Green

38-year-old Dorothy Kinchelow and 36-year-old Michelle Green were both charged with domestic assault after the two, who are in a relationship with each other, swung on one another swung on each other.

Man physically assaults girlfriend and aims gun at roommate

50-year-old Bobby Webster was charged with aggravated assault and domestic assault after grabbing his girlfriend by the shoulder, and then returning to point a handgun at their roommate.

Woman reportedly threatens boyfriend, ‘I got the power now’ with 9mm Taurus against his temple

33-year-old Jen’Nita Moore was charged with aggravated assault after her boyfriend told authorities she threatened him with a 9mm handgun.

Man “playing” with gun at brother’s house escorted home; returns later for assault

29-year-old Willie Harris was charged with assault, trespassing, and public intoxication after waving a gun around at his brother’s house, getting into an altercation with him, then returning to assault him after police escorted him home.

Disorderly woman uses a knife to keep her boyfriend from gathering his things

30-year-old Gloria Jones was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest when she attempted to lock herself inside of the house with a knife to keep her boyfriend from leaving while police were present.

Man pulls gun on cousin and family, tells them to get out of his face

55-year-old Robert Wiggins was charged with three counts of aggravated domestic assault after he pulled a gun on the family he lives with.

Reckless driver says “tell them HOES I’m licensed!” when she pulls a gun out in traffic

42-year-old Rahshelia Springfield was charged with aggravated assault after she pointed a black and pink handgun at a woman in traffic.

‘Whokid Doobie Grape’ plays no games behind feelings on Facebook

23-year-old Dontevious Stewart was charged with harassment, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of marijuana when he threatened, “I’m down to kill a whole house when my feelings involved” on Facebook.

Ex-boyfriend assaults woman, stopped by brother-in-law with a handgun

28-year-old Dakota Chambers was charged with domestic assault when he dragged his ex-girlfriend by the hair out into the backyard and put her in a headlock until her brother-in-law grabbed a handgun to stop him. Two shots were fired.