The devil went down to Memphis: Man brandishes knife saying “b*tch this for you”

34-year-old Diablo Martinez was charged with aggravated assault after he entered Super Suds Laundry while intoxicated and when he was asked to leave, he brandished a knife and threatened a woman saying “b*tch this for you”.

On July 12th, around 5 pm officers responded to an aggravated assault at Super Suds Laundry located at 4314 Macon Road. The victim, Sherry Moon, stated that the defendant, Diablo Martinez, walked into Super Suds Laundry intoxicated and causing a disturbance.

Diablo Martinez (SCSO)
Diablo Martinez (SCSO)

When she asked him to leave he brandished a kitchen knife and said “bitch this for you.” Mood called the police who arrived and found Martinez on the scene and placed him into custody. The kitchen knife used in the incident was placed into evidence and Martinez was transported to 201 Poplar Avenue.

Diablo Martinez was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bail was set at $2,500.

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