Census worker robbed at gunpoint while going door to door

23-year-old Darian Glover was charged with aggravated robbery after he pointed a gun at a census worker going door to door, threatened her life, and stole her phone.

On August 30th, Officers M. Gibbs, C. Freeman, and I. Tierney responded to a robbery call at 2380 James Road. When officers made contact with Naomi Walton, she advised that she was a census worker and was walking door to door collecting information. She went to 2723 Woodland Hills Cove to gather information for the census when Darian Glover came to the door armed with a gun. Walton stated Glover threatened her with death and stole her phone at gunpoint.

Darian Glover (SCSO)
Darian Glover (SCSO)

Walton also advised police that she feared for her life thinking Glover was going to shoot her. Walton left the area and called 911. Walton positively identified Glover as the man who robbed her. Glover admitted to having a gun when he came to the door and stealing her phone. Glover stated he gave it to a K-9 Memphis police officer. K-9 Officer K. Robinson identified Darian Glover as the one who gave him the cell phone. Glover was then taken into custody.

Darian Glover was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery. His bond was set at $50,000.

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    Can you all remove my name from off of here please and thank you!

  2. Naomi

    Im showing this to my supervisor as well as my brothers who are police officers because you all wasn’t authorized by me to show my full name on here you all could’ve just said my first name or said the victim or anything but now people can identify me just by you all doing that. So if anything were to happen to me or my family. I will make sure I let everyone know who’s responsible because I’m keeping this for record purposes.

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