Fight gets brought to new girlfriend’s doorstep over supposed challenge

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22-year-old Brittany Washington was charged with domestic assault after showing up at an apartment complex where her ex’s new girlfriend lives due to a phone call she stated the girlfriend made challenging her to a fight.

On August 12th, Officers Pride and Lockhart were dispatched to 976 Oakmont Place to investigate a report of domestic violence intimidation. Kristopher Butler advised that he and Brittany Washington had agreed to meet to exchange custody of their son at a hotel on Union Avenue where Kristopher’s father would be present. Kristopher reported that after he left the hotel he saw Brittany inside the University Garden apartment complex where his girlfriend Deanna Edwards lives. He advised that Brittany and two other vehicles followed him. Then when he parked his vehicle Brittany and the other vehicles attempted to block him in, and Brittany began to threaten to fight.

Brittany provided a statement where she told police that after dropping off her baby, Kristopher called her. However, the person on the phone was Deanna Edwards who had challenged her to a fight at the KIPP Memphis Academy Elementary located at 2248 Shannon Avenue. She advised that she went to KIPP Elementary School and waited 20 minutes, but Deanna never showed. Brittany explained that she went to her friend’s apartment in the University Garden apartment complex.

Brittany Washington (SCSO)
Brittany Washington (SCSO)

She received a call from her baby’s godfatherJoe, who works security for the complex, ordering her to leave because Deanna Edwards resides in the area. Brittany left the apartment to get something to eat when she realized Kristopher was at the complex, and that he was parked by security and had security stop the car. Aliyah Carpenter and Reariel Bass were inside the automobile when she arrived at the apartments.

They told police that Brittany had driven to Reariel’s house to pick them up and the reason they were on their way to the apartments was due to a challenge that Deanna Edwards had made to fight her. Aliyah and Reariel said when they saw Kristopher, Brittany got out and began yelling at him and told him to go get his girlfriend. Both women advised that before there was a physical altercation, all three women were detained. Deanna insisted that she did not speak with Brittany on the phone and that she did not know her.

She told police Joe had reported to her that Brittany had been observed driving around the complex searching for her car. Officers spoke to security at the complex. Sergeant Sanders explained to officers that he witnessed Brittany threaten Kristopher, but no altercation occurred. Brittany was placed into custody without incident. There was no video surveillance footage of the events.

Brittany Washington was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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