Father kidnaps his daughter and sends text that he will kill them both, per report

35-year-old Calvin Hinton was charged with aggravated kidnapping and theft of property after taking his daughter from her mother’s house along with a school laptop and two school tablets in spite of lacking custody or visitation rights.

Woman reportedly threatens boyfriend, ‘I got the power now’ with 9mm Taurus against his temple

33-year-old Jen’Nita Moore was charged with aggravated assault after her boyfriend told authorities she threatened him with a 9mm handgun.

Woman admits she ‘jacked’ up her daughter, but denies choking and slapping her

41-year-old Katisha Dixon was charged with aggravated assault and domestic assault when her other children had to intervene to stop her from strangling her juvenile daughter for being disrespectful.

Man stabs patron when he refuses to pay more for ‘personal services’

37-year-old Steve Blade was charged with aggravated assault when a male patron refused to pay more for his “personal services” so he stabbed the man in the face.

Burglar cuts himself while breaking into building; found by officers bleeding profusely

41-year-old Eugene Bankston was charged for burglary when he broke the side window of a business and he was found inside by officers bleeding from a laceration caused by the glass.

Stepfather and son square off with a fork and knife

57-year-old Melvin James was charged with domestic assault when he and his stepfather got into an argument about his girlfriend and then stepped out of the house with weapons to avoid making a mess inside.

Woman reports that ex-boyfriend strangles and hits her more than 10 times

31-year-old Johnathon Johnson was charged with domestic assault when his ex-girlfriend called 911 and reported that he strangled her and hit her in the face over 10 times.

Man punches baby mama in chest, says “b*tch I am gone kill you… “

33-year-old Courtney Allen was charged with domestic assault after his child’s mother reported that he threatened her stating, “b*tch I am going to kill you cause you trying to keep my son away from me” and punched her in the chest.

Man requests supervisor because “he felt he was being wrongfully arrested'” for reported assault

30-year-old Antwon Freeman was charged with domestic assault after breaking into his grandmother’s home and strangling her when she told him to leave.

Police witness woman flee Walgreens with $227 in stolen items

29-year-old Alexandria Bell was charged with theft of merchandise after police witnessed her exit a Walgreens store with $227.17 of unpurchased items.