Man says during assault: “I’m grown, I can do what the f*** I want to do”

Christopher Rembert (SCSO)

27-year-old Christopher Rembert was charged with domestic assault after he was involved in an altercation with his aunt’s boyfriend because he arrived home at 2 A.M. and they started swinging at each other.

On August 1st, Deputy Wilson was dispatched to a simple assault at 7328 Appling Ridge Dr. Upon arrival, contact was made with Michael Evans where he advised that he was in a physical altercation with his girlfriend’s nephew Christopher Rembert. Abigail Rembert stated that Evans came into the residence at 2 A.M. and she told him that he was disrespecting her by coming in early in the morning. Evans became irate and yelled, “I’m grown, I can do what the fuck I want to do “.

Christopher Rembert (SCSO)
Christopher Rembert (SCSO)

Christopher then stoop up and stated ” You don’t have to talk to her like that ” She stated Evans then got into Christopher’s face then they both began to fight. Abigail advised that she did not see who began the physical altercation. Evans stated that Christopher struck him in the head first. Christopher said Evans struck him first. Due to conflicting stories both were placed into custody for domestic assault. Evans acquired a scratch mark on his chest area and to his right thumb. Christopher did not have any injuries. SCFD arrived on the scene to give aid to Evans’ minor injuries.

Christopher Rembert was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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