Memphis man steals disabled man’s vehicle; arrested after it was GPS located

feat Keep, Joshua

27-year-old Joshua Keep was charged with theft of property when he stole a disabled man’s vehicle and refused to give it back. Police were then able to GPS locate it and arrest him.

On July 8th, Shelby County deputies arrived at 7133 Abbey Cove and spoke with Amber Carmichael who reported her disabled father’s 2005 Ford Explorer as stolen. The Ford had a NADA value of $4,275 at the time. Ms. Charmichael advised that she had attempted to reach out to Keep several times with no success. Once she was able to reach him, Keep refused to return the vehicle.

Joshua Keep (SCSO)
Joshua Keep (SCSO)

On July 31st, Memphis Officers located the stolen vehicle by GPS and it provided a general location at 3342 Summer Place at the Emerald Park Apartments. Officers surveyed the area and located the vehicle outside of 3342 Summer Place Lane. Task Force Officer Minor reviewed the camera footage located at the leasing office and verified that a male was exiting the vehicle.

Officers verified with the Leasing Manager Ashley Stevenson that she had seen a man driving that vehicle and entering the apartment complex. After conducting a Knock and Talk investigation, officers located the man later identified as Joshua Keep. Keep was then taken to Ridgeway Station GIB where he waived his Miranda Rights and provided a video confession.

Joshua Keep was arrested and charged with theft of property. His bond set at was $1,000.

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