Reckless driver says “tell them HOES I’m licensed!” when she pulls a gun out in traffic

42-year-old Rahshelia Springfield was charged with aggravated assault after she pointed a black and pink handgun at a woman in traffic.

On August 26th, Memphis Officers received a call about an aggravated assault on Shelby Drive. Brianna Taylor was driving in traffic on where she changed lanes and a black car pulled up beside hers, and the driver pointed a handgun at her. Taylor slowed so that she could get away, but the black car pulled in front of her and slammed the brakes in an attempt to cause an accident.

Rahshelia Springfield (SCSO)
Rahshelia Springfield (SCSO)

Taylor pulled off the road, and the driver of the vehicle yelled to Taylor while she was on the phone with the police, “Tell the HOES I’m licensed!” The driver, Rashshelia Springfield, and the care were later identified by a picture Taylor took of the license plate. Officers later retrieved Springfield and her handgun. Springfield waived her rights and attested that she pointed the gun at Taylor and that her actions were reckless.

Rashshelia Springfield was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Her bond was set at $25,000.

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