Siblings squabble over unemployment check

30-year-old Valveeta Fowler and 21-year-old Tony Williams were charged with domestic assault after fighting in two different residential areas. Just as one would expect from siblings, she bit him and he took her phone.

On August 7th, Officer Adair was dispatched to 4392 Winchester Road on a domestic assault call. When he arrived he found Valveeta Fowler arguing with her brother Tony Williams in the parking lot of Pinebrook Point Apartments. Valveeta told the officer that Tony and three other men came to her home at 4950 Wooddale Avenue aggressively demanding a check. Williams stated he brought his cousin, Willy Culpepper, to Valveeta’s home because he received an email regarding an unemployment check that had been sent to her address.

He said she would not give the check back so Williams left. Valveeta followed him and accosted him in the apartment complex parking lot. She claimed he tried to take her keys out of her vehicle while she was still inside, whereas he stated she grabbed him and bit his arm, at which point Tony snatched Valveeta’s phone. Officer could not resolve the primary aggressor so both were placed under arrest.

Valveeta Fowler and Tony Williams were both arrested and charged with domestic assault. They were both later released on their own recognizance.

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