Memphis woman stabs her cousin three times

25-year-old Ternisha Cunningham charged with aggravated assault after screaming at, hitting, and stabbing her cousin three times in the back and upper arm.

On August 7th, Memphis Police Department (MPD) Officer Tate was dispatched to 3466 Warford Street for an aggravated assault call where Ternisha Cunningham arrived at the home of her cousin, Lucas McCracken, and began screaming and hitting him. McCracken said when Cunningham bombarded him he turned to walk away. She then stabbed him three times with a kitchen knife. Officers detected three possible puncture wounds on McCracken, one on his back and two on his upper arm.

Terinsha Cunningham (SCSO)
Ternisha Cunningham (SCSO)

A witness, Ruth Williams, confirmed McCracken’s statement and that she found the knife and placed it in the kitchen sink. Officers photographed and tagged the knife at 201 Poplar in the Property and Evidence Room. Memphis Fire Department (MFD) Unit 13 transferred McCracken to Methodist North for non-critical treatment where he was later released. The next day, officers were called to 4340 Creekwood Drive by McCracken’s brother, Curtis McCracken, where they placed Cunningham under arrest.

Ternisha Cunningham was charged with aggravated assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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