Woman threatens to stab mother, tells police “take me to jail because I’m not going anywhere”

34-year-old Reva Lowe was charged with domestic assault, criminal trespassing, and disorderly conduct when she threatened to stab her mother and then defiantly surrendered herself to police.

On August 11th, Officer Mackey arrived at 120 Appleton Ave after a reported domestic violence call. Minnie Martin, the mother of suspect Reva Lowe, stated to authorities that she and her daughter were having a disagreement when Lowe threatened to stab her with an object that officers never identified. After a talk with her mother where officers mediated, Lowe refused a ride from police and started walking down the street.

Reva Lowe (SCSO)
Reva Lowe (SCSO)

Apparently the short walk changed her mind because she went back to the police and told them to “take her to jail because she wasn’t going anywhere.” After she was arrested, Lowe started kicking the windows of the squad car and screaming. She started shaking the vehicle with her vivacious kicking, and officers could not console her. Neighbors that heard the ruckus came outside to see the spectacle. Lowe stated that could not breathe, but refused medical attention by the first responders who were called.

Reva Lowe was arrested and charged with domestic assault, criminal trespassing, and disorderly conduct. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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