Man arrested for panhandling again: same officer, same location, same crime

61-year-old Victor Webb was charged with aggravated criminal trespassing after he was found panhandling at a location he was told that he is no longer allowed to visit.

Police say man continues to ‘wreak havoc’ on downtown merchants

feat Jones Michael

42-year-old Michael Jones was charged with criminal trespass and theft of property after he stole food from Family Dollar and brazenly ate it on the bench outside multiple days in a row.

Repeat thief enlists friends to help her steal makeup and cat food

25-year-old Kadejsha Stephens was charged with theft and trespassing after she encouraged two others to help her steal from Walmart.

Woman threatens to stab mother, tells police “take me to jail because I’m not going anywhere”

34-year-old Reva Lowe was charged with domestic assault, criminal trespassing, and disorderly conduct when she threatened to stab her mother and then defiantly surrendered herself to police.