Shampane Goodman gets kicked out of Tops Bar-B-Q for kicking furniture


25-year-old Shampane Goodman was caught trespassing at Tops Bar-B-Q on Frayser Boulevard on May 27th. Officers arrived and made contact with the store’s manager, Ciara Williams, who explained that Goodman was on arrest authorization from the business. Williams stated that when Goodman entered the store, she kicked on furniture and threw a fan. Willams also mentioned that Goodman occasionally shows up at the store causing a disturbance. Keira Rivers, Goodman’s caregiver, told officers that Goodman was diagnosed with anxiety and was currently on medication. Shampane Goodman was then taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass.

Tyran Phillips found occupying vacant apartment


37-year-old Tyran Tyjuan Phillips was taken into custody on May 27th for criminal trespass. Around 11 a.m., Sterling Apartments security called deputies to the Rainbranch Drive location, advising them they had Phillips detained after finding him inside a vacant unit, which he was not a leaseholder. Phillips was then jailed for the incident.

Katherine Gore booked for trespassing after causing scene at law firm


38-year-old Katherine Gore was seen trespassing at the Allen, Summers, Simpson, Lillie, & Gresham Law Firm on May 20th. An officer witnessed Gore walk by and recognized her from a picture security sent him. The officer asked Gore several times for her identification, but she refused and tried to go downstairs. The officer attempted to stop Gore, but she tensed up, placed her arms in front of her, and refused to give up her wrists. During the process of detaining Gore, she started screaming, causing workers to stop working. The incident drew a crowd, which stopped the flow of business. Katherine Gore was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and criminal trespass.

Mercedes Partee refuses to leave Mount Moriah Road Extended Stay hotel, tells officers “F*ck you!”


25-year-old Mercedes Partee caused a disturbance at the Mount Moriah Road Extended Stay on March 30th. The receptionist at the location, Suman Kkrlamudi, alerted the authorities, advising them that a black female, later identified as Partee, was refusing to leave the property in room 210. When officers located Partee in the room, they told her to leave several times, which she disregarded and continued playing on her cell phone. Then, after giving her multiple chances to leave, Partee still refused to leave, telling officers, “F*ck you!” While trying to detain her, Partee became resistive, jerking her hands back. Officers had to take her to the ground, where they successfully arrested her. Partee was jailed for criminal trespass and resisting arrest. After posting bond on April 8th, Partee was taken back into custody on May 20th.

Skye Joyner booked after refusing to leave Forest Hill Cemetery


21-year-old Skye Joyner was seen trespassing at Forest Hill Cemetery near Elvis Presley Boulevard On April 5th, 2024. Callers told officers that someone was firing shots at the burial site. When officers arrived, they spoke with property director Quinton Taylor, who stated that he wanted Joyner removed from the property. Officers made contact with Joyner, and she refused to leave after being asked several times. After officers asked Joyner to leave a few more times, which she refused, she was taken into custody and placed in the squad car. Eventually, Joyner calmed down and cooperated, and she was issued a misdemeanor citation and released. Joyner was taken into custody for criminal trespass on May 19th.

April Hunt trespasses at abandoned property on Driftwood Avenue


37-year-old April Hunt and Katherine Luke were caught trespassing at a Driftwood Avenue residence on May 23rd. Officers on patrol observed Luke and Hunt inside the mentioned location. Law enforcement declared the home a public nuisance and said no one was supposed to be on the property. It was noted that Hunt was given a verbal warning the day prior for being on the property. April Hunt was then taken into custody and charged with criminal trespassing.

Iesha Husband booked after causing disturbance at Valero Gas Station

32-year-old Iesha Yvette Husband caused a disturbance at the E. H. Crump Boulevard Valero Gas Station on February 21st. When officers arrived, they observed her loitering on the property, harassing customers after they had advised her to leave and not return. Officers followed her into the establishment, escorted her out of the store, and detained her for the incident. A bench warrant was issued for her arrest on May 10th. Husband was taken into custody for criminal trespass on May 15th.

Brenda Thomas belligerent drunk, refuses to leave Beale Street Tap Room


49-year-old Brenda Thomas was taken into custody for criminal trespass and public intoxication on May 11th. Officers were flagged down near the Absinthe Room regarding an intoxicated individual, later identified as Thomas. When deputies arrived, they observed her being belligerent and talking irrationally about something that happened to her 32 years ago. They allowed her to leave the business, but she refused and lay on the ground instead. She explained that she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, adding that she had taken her medication today before they had her transported to Memphis Mental Health Institute to detox.

Angel Hollis booked after lying to police & squatting inside vacant apartment


26-year-old Angel Hollis was caught trespassing at a Gowan Drive apartment residence. On April 12th, Officers arrived at the apartment residence and spoke with security officer Elvino Evans. Evans stated he placed Hollis on the AOA with Memphis PD for an incident on March 19th. On that day, Evans found Hollis squatting inside a vacant apartment. When officers caught and took Hollis into custody, she gave the last name Washington with a false date of birth. However, police knew her identity before she gave a fake name because security officers informed them who she was. Hollis was taken into custody on May 9th and charged with criminal impersonation and trespassing.

Ursula Martin steals $250 worth of merchandise from Home Depot


53-year-old Ursula Yvonne Martin was taken into custody for criminal trespass on May 9th. Around 11:45 a.m., officers were dispatched to Home Depot, where Timothy Ross, Manager at the location, advised them that Martin tried to steal about $250 worth of merchandise before he stopped her, adding that she had been taking from the store for a long time.