Young couple’s fight ends with busted lips and hurt feelings

18-year-old Chrstchain Mullins was charged with domestic assault when he and his girlfriend fought about seeing other people.

On August 11th, Officers Lockhart, Jackson, and Holmes arrived at Goodwill Village Apartments, where Chrstchain Mullins and his girlfriend walked out to police and began explaining themselves. His girlfriend told police that she broke the news to Mullins that she wanted to break up, and she claims that he started punching her in the face because of this. She was seen by officers with a hurt bottom lip.

Chrstchain Mullins (SCSO)
Chrstchain Mullins (SCSO)

Mullins explained to officers that when his girlfriend told him that she wanted to break up, he replied that he would start seeing other people. He said that this made his girlfriend angry, and she started fighting him and scratched his back. His girlfriend followed his statement saying she called because she wanted Mullins to leave.

Chrstchain Mullins was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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