Memphis man rapes his girlfriend’s 16-year-old daughter

36-year-old William Mask was charged with rape after a 16-year-old girl told police her mother’s boyfriend dragged her into a bedroom by her hand, threw her onto the bed, pulled down her pajama pants, and forcibly penetrated her.

On September 8th, a 16-year-old girl contacted police about an incident that occurred in the 4000 block of Ann Arbor Court. She told police she was in the kitchen of her home when her mother’s live-in boyfriend, William Mask, grabbed her hand and dragged her into a bedroom. She then told police she had tripped over a basket while being dragged and fell onto the bed.

William Mask (SCSO)
William Mask (SCSO)

She proceeded to tell Mask no and tried to move to the front of the bed to get away. She advised police Mask pulled her pajama pants and underwear down as she continued to tell him to stop. She stated he proceeded to pull his pants down and pull her towards him by her legs. She stated he was wearing a condom when he laid on top of her and forcibly had sex with her by penetrating her vagina with his penis. She advised police it hurt, but he abruptly stopped and she observed “white stuff” inside of the condom. She proceeded to pull her pants up and ran to her grandmother’s house.

William Mask was arrested and charged with rape. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $75,000 bond.

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