Teen beats girlfriend in the park after she “accidentally” strikes his vehicle

19-year-old Timothy Dillard was charged with domestic assault when police saw him standing over his girlfriend and she claimed he punched her in the face several times after she hit his vehicle because her younger sister jumped into her lap.

On September 25th, Memphis Police Officers Beard and Johnson were dispatched to the Ed Rice Community Center located at 2907 North Watkins Street in reference to Timothy Dillard hitting Deundria Harris in the park. The officer reported that they saw Dillard standing over his girlfriend, Harris with her lying on the ground looking up at him, so they placed him into custody.

Timothy Dillard (SCSO)
Timothy Dillard (SCSO)

Harris told police they were fighting after meeting up at the Center to speak about an argument they previously had. She explained that she accidentally hit Dillard’s vehicle when her younger sister jumped into her lap while she was driving. Harris then said Dillard exited his car and began striking her car window repeatedly. She got out of her vehicle and the two began fighting. Harris stated that she was punched several times in the face and was fearful. Dillard and Harris have a history of reports between them.

Timothy Dillard was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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