Woman charged with domestic assault claims self-defense

41-year-old Esther Ward was charged with domestic assault after she attacked the woman who was allowing her and her two children to live with her due to a mess caused by one of the children.

On September 2nd, Shelby County Police Officers Barker and Fulghum responded to a simple domestic assault at 3553 Macon Road. Both Vicky Yeager and Esther Ward had placed 911 calls regarding the fight. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Vicky who was bleeding from her nose and hand. She advised that Esther and her two children had been staying with her for the past few weeks and they had gotten into an argument over a mess that one of the children made.

Esther Ward (SCSO)
Esther Ward (SCSO)

During the argument, Esther began striking Vicky in the face and head before tearing up the house and striking her in the head with a bag and leaving with her kids. Esther later returned to the residence and advised that she wanted to give her statement. She confirmed that she had been living at the residence for a few weeks and that she and Vicky had gotten into an argument. Esther claimed that she attacked Vicky in self-defense due to the fact that Vicky threw something at her head. Officers determined Esther to be the primary aggressor.

Esther Ward was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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