Woman punches child’s father, threatens him with a knife, and slashes his tires

20-year-old Bobrecia Davis was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after she punched her child’s father, threatened him with a knife, slashed his tires, and smashed his car windshield.

On September 5th, Officers Doyle and Hennessy were dispatched to 535 South Buntyn Street. Upon arrival, officers were met by Bobrecia Davis who stated Jerome Kirk had got into her car when she pulled up to his home, then grabbed her child and refused to get out of the car. Davis stated that Kirk then began telling her that he was not going to let her go see any other men and that he was not going to get out of the vehicle.

Davis Bobrecia (SCSO)
Bobrecia Davis (SCSO)

Kirk stated that Davis came over without his approval and that she does so often to try to catch him with another woman. He said Davis arrived and got angry and flattened the tires on his Dodge truck and smashed the front window. Kirk also stated that Davis broke the windshield on his Honda car. He said that he does not talk to her and did not ask her to come over. However, officers were shown several phone calls from her phone that he has spoken to her within the last hour of her showing up to his home.

Officers asked the victim about this, in which Kirk stated that he had been talking with Davis all day. Kirk then advised that he was holding their child when Davis was grabbing his shirt and ripped it, then punched him in the jaw with a closed fist and attempted to cut him with a knife. Kirk stated that Acquirius Ralston also assisted in vandalizing his vehicles. Kirk advised that Davis threw the knife into the storm drain. Officers did observe a knife in the storm drain but were unable to retrieve it.

Bobrecia Davis was arrested and charged with domestic assault and vandalism. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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