“B*tch you done f*cked now. I’m gonna kill your *ss” says burglar to Family Dollar employee

39-year-old Verdell Sesley was charged with assault, vandalism, and burglary after breaking a window and door lock to a Family Dollar then threaten to kill a woman trying to help him.

On September 28th, Memphis Police Department was dispatched to the Family Dollar at 2743 North Watkins Street for a vandalism call. Upon arrival, contact was made with Jasmine Johnson, who stated she noticed Verdell Sesley hanging out in the store’s parking lot harassing customers as they entered the store. Jasmine then went out and asked Verdell if she could help him with anything.

Verdell Sesley (SCSO)
Verdell Sesley (SCSO)

At which point Verdell started becoming erratic and started cussing at her so she asked him to leave the lot. After Verdell became violent, Jasmine ran back into the store and locked the door to prevent Verdell from entering. While locked inside Jasmine called the police. Verdell started kicking the door, broke the glass out of the door, and attempted to pull the door open. Jasmine fled to the bathroom before Verdell finally broke open the lock and entered the store. He ran to the bathroom door trying to get in and Jasmine stated he said “bitch you done fucked now. I’m gonna kill your ass.” After several failed attempts to get to Jasmine, he left the store. Memphis Police Sergeant Braden watched the surveillance video from the Family Dollar that showed Verdell breaking into the store. The damage to the door was estimated at $1,100. Later he was positively identified in a six-person photo lineup by Jasmine.

Verdell Sesley was arrested and charged with assault, vandalism, and burglary. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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