Father hits woman in the mouth for leaving children at home alone

28-year-old Eslie “OG Squeaky” Morgan was charged with domestic assault after he was upset with his children’s mother for leaving them home alone then slammed her head on the kitchen door.

On October 23rd, Memphis Policer Officer Strickland was dispatched to the residence located at 4762 Royal Ridge for a simple assault call. Upon arrival, contact was made with Mar Neely who stated that when she arrived home she was met by Eslie Morgan. She said that he was sitting on her couch when she entered. One of their children, reportedly, let him in while she was out.

Eslie Morgan (SCSO)
Eslie Morgan (SCSO)

While Mar was in the kitchen putting items away, Eslie started arguing with her regarding their children being home by themselves. She stated that Eslie then entered the kitchen and slammed her head against the kitchen door. He punched her once in the mouth causing the Mar to fall back into an open kitchen cabinet door. Once she was able to break free from Eslie, Mar said that she ran into the hallway bathroom. Eslie broke into the bathroom and started cursing at her while she was on the phone with police and punched a hold in the bathroom wall.

Eslie Morgan was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was released on a $5,000 bond.

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