Girlfriend throws tool-tossing tantrum; punches man in the face after argument

28-year-old Lashundra Wiley was charged with domestic assault after punching her boyfriend in the face, bruising his left eye and the side of his nose, when he arrived at her residence to pick up his belongings.

On October 11th, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies Bramlett, Nutall, and Marr arrived at 4065 Gouverneur Street in response to a domestic assault call. Lashundra Wiley hit her boyfriend, Courtney Trenell, when he showed up to pick up her kids for a play date with his son.

Lashundra Wiley (SCSO)
Lashundra Wiley (SCSO)

According to Trenell, he rang the doorbell, and when there was no reply he went to the back of the house to get in. Wiley confronted him at the door saying that he could not come in nor take her kids. He told her that he would just get his belongings, to which she told police that she was going to allow him to do so but only when police were present. She stated that they argued and she struck him then threw a wrench but she told deputies how Courtney tried to attack her so she defended herself by throwing tools. Also, she said that Trenell struck her in the face with his fist but deputies reported that they did not see any injury to suggest that he had. They both were detained but they did confirm bruises above his left eye and on the left side of his nose after further investigation, Lashundra was ruled to be the primary aggressor.

28-year-old Lashundra Wiley was charged with domestic assault with bodily harm. She is released on a $1,000 bond.

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