Elderly man bludgeons girlfriend with cellphone and strangles her until she passes out

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75-year-old Frank Simpson was charged with aggravated assault when he punched his girlfriend, threw her onto a bed, hit her repeatedly in the head with a cell phone, and strangled her until she passed out.

On September 24th, Vickey Rutherford reported to Memphis Police Officers Middlebrook and Walker that she had been assaulted when she and her boyfriend, Frank Simpson, had an argument that turned physical. The incident took place at their residence located at 216 Charter Avenue. Rutherford stated that Simpson punched her then forced her onto the bed. There, he continued to strike her about the head with her cell phone.

Frank Simpson (SCSC)

Simpson placed his hands on Rutherford’s neck and choked her until she passed out, she stated. Reportedly, Rutherford had cuts on the top of her head, which the police documented with photographs. Officers were able to identify Simpson from prior incidences with Vickey Rutherford.

On October 13th, Frank Simpson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. He was released on a $7,500 bond.

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