Man changes the locks to his heart and apartment; ex breaks in and punches him

feat Freeman Mikayla

20-year-old Mikayla Freeman was charged with domestic assault when she broke a window to get into the home that she and her recent ex share a lease together at to get her belongings back.

On October 20th, Memphis Police Department Majors and Gordon responded to 2812 Hickory Villas Drive on an assault call. James Summers told officers that he and Mikayla Freeman were in the process of ending their relationship. He also stated that they were both on the lease for the apartment. Freeman became upset when Summers had changed the locks and she was unable to get her things. Freeman admitted that she broke a bedroom window and unlocked the door so that she could remove the rest of her belongings.

Mikayla Freeman (SCSO)

Summers stated that once Freeman was inside the apartment, He called her out and she punched him in the mouth. They began to argue and she punched him several more times. Freeman received several cuts on her are due to the broken glass. A hold harmless and a domestic violence lethality screen was completed and tagged in the property and evidence room. Freeman was transported to jail East.

Mikayla Freeman was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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