Duo busted during Vice squad drug raid, rendering 29 grams of weed and 0.2 grams of cocaine

feat Johnson Harris

36-year-old Andrea Johnson and 19-year-old Ellis Henderson were charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana after Memphis Vice squad’s surveillance witnessed many hand to hand transactions go down outside of a house.

On October 20th, Memphis Police Officer Wren, detectives, and Vice conducted a narcotics search warrant for a residence at 130 Majuba Avenue. Detective Gooch conducted surveillance and observed suspect Ellis Henderson conducting several hands to hand transactions. Detectives observed small clear bags of marijuana on the driver’s seat of the grey Volvo that Henderson was standing next to. Henderson gave the detectives consent to search the vehicle. Reportedly, two digital scales and nine bags of marijuana totaling 11.9 grams were located in the Volvo. He was detained while standing next to the vehicle. Detective Gooch detained Martavious Freeman and Tarone Neal across the street doing hand to hand transactions. Beside them was a medium-sized bag of marijuana, totaling 13.4 grams, and a digital scale. Then the detectives detained Wayne Bobo, Ellis Freeman, and William Freeman, who were located in a bedroom of the 130 Majuba address.

Andrea Johnson was detained in the front yard. In the bedroom, Detective Reeves found a black purse that contained a dollar bill that held cocaine. Marijuana was also recovered from Johnson’s bra by Detective Holmes. Johnson admitted the dollar bill, the cocaine, totaling 0.2 grams, and marijuana totaling 0.6 grams, belonged to her. Detective Holmes detained a juvenile in the backyard who had a Glock 23 in his pants. Detective Holmes detained Kaziha Leachman in front of the residence. Leachman had a marijuana grinder and 2.6 grams of marijuana. Freeman, Neal, and Leachman were issued a misdemeanor citation for the scales, a grinder, and marijuana, the juvenile was issued a summon for the Glock 23.

Andrea Johnson was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana. She was later released on her own recognizance.

Ellis Henderson was arrested and charged with a felony and misdemeanor possession of marijuana as well as possession of drug paraphernalia. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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