Man pins down pregnant girlfriend with a shotgun

41-year-old Michael Webb was charged with child abuse and aggravated assault after he bruised his lover, who was seven months pregnant, over an argument about another girl.

On September 26th, Shelby County Sherrif’s Deputy McCondichie followed up with Andreka Ramsey at Methodist Germantown Hospital located at 7691 Poplar Avenue regarding an assault. She told the deputy that she was injured from a fight that she had with her boyfriend, Michael Webb. He held her face down and would not let her up after an argument they had about another girl. Fearful for her life and that of her baby’s, since she is seven months pregnant, she went to her closet to retrieve an 870 Remington shotgun to protect herself. Once she grabbed the shotgun, Webb knocked her down and forced himself on top of her. He kept pushing down different parts of her body to get her to release the weapon.

Michael Webb (SCSO)
Michael Webb (SCSO)

During the struggle, she stated that she nearly lost her ability to breathe several times. So when she had the chance, she crawled away from Webb and headed to the hospital. She told the deputy that she did not know what Webb did with the shotgun. Deputy McCondichie reported that he and the nurses noticed bruises on her arms. Sergeant Holmes and Detective Black both arrived at the hospital to get a statement from Ramsey and take photos of her injuries. After the statement was taken Shelby County Deputies arrived at 8030 Red Osier Drive to place Webb into custody. They recovered the shotgun and found six rounds inside of it.

Michael Webb was arrested and charged with child abuse and aggravated assault. His bond was set at $10,000.

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