Man strangles baby mamma until her mother lights him up

36-year-old Clyde Leach was charged with aggravated assault after he threw his baby mamma around, strangled her, and was then separated by her mother when she hit him with a lamp.

On October 13th, Judy Stout reported an assault at 2937 Carrington Road to Memphis Police Officer Bond. Stout stated when she arrived at her mother’s house, her child’s father, Clyde Leach, was leaving the location and bumped her shoulder as he exited the residence.

Clyde Leach (SCSO)
Clyde Leach (SCSO)

Stout advised police that a few minutes later he returned to the residence and knocked on the door requesting Stout to come outside. When Stout answered the door and denied stepping outside Leach reached in, grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her out onto the porch. He began to strangle her with both of his hands when they were outside. Stout advised police he then lifted her off of the ground by her neck and pinned her against the wall. Then he threw her onto the steps and began strangling her again. Reportedly, Stout stated that she could not get Leach off of her. Stout’s mother, Margaret Stout, exited the residence and saw Leach on top of her daughter. She struck him with a lamp in an attempt to get him off of Stout. After he was hit with the lamp, he stopped strangling Judy and fled the scene. Judy Stout had bruising and abrasions as well as large scratches on her neck that were consistent with her story.

Clyde Leach was arrested and charged on October 20th with aggravated assault. He was released on a $10,000 bond.

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