Man tells girlfriend he’ll “blow her ****ing brains out” over video call in front of officers

59-year-old Victor Brooks was charged with domestic assault and public intoxication after he was seen assaulting his girlfriend and later found intoxicated at the corner store.

On October 25th, Memphis Police Officers Knox and Herbert responded to a domestic violence call at the residence of 850 Avon Road. When they arrived they met with Valerie Byers who was a witness to the events and told the officers that she saw Victor Brooks assaulting his girlfriend, Connie Pierce, and threaten to hurt her boyfriend. The officers then spoke with Connie, but she said that Victor did not assault her and rode off on a bicycle.

Victor Brooks (SCSO)

Valerie went on to tell the officers that she and Victor had been dating on and off for the past sixteen years and that she wanted him to leave because he was intoxicated. Valerie then informed the officers that Victor had been seen just a few blocks away at the Express Mart located at 697 North Mendenhall Road, where he was found talking on his phone saying, “he was going to blow her fucking brains out.” Victor told the officers that he did not say that and that he was just playing with Connie, but Valerie offered a video of the incident to the officers showing otherwise. The officers could also smell an intoxicant on his breath.

Victor Brooks was arrested and charged with public intoxication and domestic assault and is currently jailed in lieu of a $3,500 bond.

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