Girlfriend wants to end things; man responds with barrage of punches

feat Avant Cortez

24-year-old Cortez Avant was charged with domestic assault after he struck his girlfriend multiple times while she held their son.

On October 25th, Memphis Police Officers Martin and Walker were dispatched to a domestic assault call located at a duplex on 3384 Sobota Circle. Areyul Williams stated that her boyfriend, Cortez Avant, was angry at Williams regarding who was going to watch their children. She said that an argument then started between them. Williams told Avant, during the argument, that she wanted to terminate their romantic relationship. Avant made accusations that Williams was cheating and threw Williams’ phone against the wall, breaking it.

Cortez Avant (SCSO)

Williams told the officers that she had picked up one of their children to avoid a possible assault from Avant. He approached her, she said, then struck the left side of her face, the back of her head, and her back with closed fists. Avant then packed his belongings and left the residence according to the police report. Williams asked a neighbor to call the police. Cortez Avant returned to the residence, placed into custody, transported, and booked at 201 Popular Avenue. Police noted swelling on Williams’ face but no injuries to their three children. After they ran Williams through their system they noticed that she had an aggravated assault warrant so she was also placed into custody.

Cortez Avant was arrested and charged with domestic assault with bodily harm. He was released on a $2,000 bond.

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