Man strikes baby mama in the back with a lawn chair

42-year-old Vernon King was charged with domestic assault after throwing a lawn chair at his child’s mother as she tried to leave.

Man pimp slaps estranged wife after argument; bloodies her lip

37-year-old Gregory Scott was charged with domestic assault after he pinned his wife to the wall and slapped her in the face with the back of his hand.

Man punches ex-girlfriend, says “What the f*ck did you bring her for?”

30-year-old Isiah Kelly was charged with domestic assault and driving with a suspended license after he punched his ex-girlfriend repeatedly in the head in a barbershop parking lot.

Cops kick in door during bloody domestic argument

feat Jones Genise

28-year-old Genise Jones was charged with domestic assault when her neighbor called police about an argument between her and her boyfriend where she hit him in the head with a pot and he pushed her in return.

Man requests supervisor because “he felt he was being wrongfully arrested'” for reported assault

30-year-old Antwon Freeman was charged with domestic assault after breaking into his grandmother’s home and strangling her when she told him to leave.

Man’s wife claims he threw a lamp at her, he states they were just having rough sex

34-year-old Dedrick Rayford was charged with domestic assault after his wife told authorities that he grabbed her by the throat, slapped her face profusely, and threw a lamp toward her. He claimed it was just “rough sex”.

Atoka man smacks wife during home improvement discussion

52-year-old William Wright was charged with domestic assault after his wife said he slapped her several times over home improvement decisions.

Woman pulls out a gun and threatens to kill her wife

27-year-old Marjorie Williams was charged with aggravated assault after pulling a handgun on her wife and threatening to kill her.

Memphis man allows his child’s mother to live with him if he can assault her

25-year-old Yadahni Hunter was charged with domestic assault after kicking his baby’s mother out of his residence while she had nowhere else to go. Hunter then reportedly allowed West to re-enter and stay in the apartment if he had permission to assault her.

Husband robs wife at gunpoint for leaving to do hair

31-year-old Reginald Chavis was charged with aggravated robbery after pulling a gun on his wife before she left to go do hair late in the evening. When she returned, Chavis began arguing with her about where she’d been. He then grabbed their baby and ran off down the street.