Man’s house made holey by ex-girlfriend; doors and walls smashed

25-year-old Deonna Roach was charged with misdemeanor vandalism after her ex-boyfriend reported to police that she kicked all of his doors in and punched holes in all the walls.

On September 25th, Shelby County Sheriff’s Officers were dispatched to 3623 West Chantrey Lane, The Lakes at Epping Way. Alexander Boulton reported that he and his ex-girlfriend, Deonna Roach, had an argument the night before. He told her that she could stay the night because he didn’t want Roach and her son to be outside. When Boulton returned from work, he found Roach still at his house and advised her that she needed to find a way to leave and left to avoid further altercation.

Deonna Roach (SCSO)
Deonna Roach (SCSO)

Shortly thereafter, Boulton received a call from a witness, Shari Burbidge, saying that he needed to get home immediately because Roach vandalized his residence. He returned to find that his front door had been kicked in, his hall walls were filled with holes, and his bedroom door had been kicked in. Total damages were estimated to be $500. Deonna Roach told officers that everything had happened the night before and denied damaging the apartment. Witness Shari Burbidge stated that Roach became angry when she was not let into the home. Roach’s son was later turned over to his father, Shabastian Shields.

On September 25th, Deonna Roach was arrested and charged with vandalism of $1,000 or less. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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