Girlfriend threatens to “hurt his private parts” after verbal confrontation

57-year-old Beverly Ingram was charged with domestic assault with bodily harm after she scratched a man and threatened to “hurt his private parts” over an argument about a where she left her bra.

Nude man found near ex’s house after attacking her

29-year-old Troy Melum was charged with aggravated assault and violating bail conditions after he choked and struck his ex-girlfriend before he was found in her neighbor’s yard in the nude.

Family Dollar manager claims man stuffed $45 worth of socks in pants

32-year-old Kenyatta Allen was charged with theft of merchandise after stuffing socks in his pants when five officers responded to a Family Dollar manager flagging them down.

Man’s house made holey by ex-girlfriend; doors and walls smashed

25-year-old Deonna Roach was charged with misdemeanor vandalism after her ex-boyfriend reported to police that she kicked all of his doors in and punched holes in all the walls.

Man physically assaults girlfriend and aims gun at roommate

50-year-old Bobby Webster was charged with aggravated assault and domestic assault after grabbing his girlfriend by the shoulder, and then returning to point a handgun at their roommate.

Gun-wielding neighbor fires rounds into ground during argument

22-year-old Brianna Frazier was charged with reckless endangerment and unlawful possession of a weapon after firing her weapon twice at the ground in the direction of her neighbor before hiding the weapon.