Woman destroys boyfriend’s hoodie and Xbox over break-up text

24-year-old Daneisha Johnson was charged with vandalism after destroying her ex-boyfriend’s property while saying that she bought it, she can destroy it.

On October 12th, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies Turnage and Wilson were called to Ashland Lakes Apartments located at 5516 Fog Hollow Lane. Deputies were contacted by Christopher Robinson in reference to his girlfriend, Daneisha Johnson, being upset with him. He said that Johnson destroyed his Nike shoes, sweater, and Xbox. The estimated value of all the property that was damaged is approximately $870.

Daneisha Johnson (SCSO)
Daneisha Johnson (SCSO)

Robinson told her that he no longer wanted to be in a relationship with her. He added that he wanted to continue to living together to make things easier for their son. Johnson became irate and began destroying his property after she instructed him to pick the items up. She stated that she bought the items so she can destroy them. Police informed her that it is unlawful to do so since they were gifted to Robinson, even if she was irate. They were not able to locate the Xbox because she threw it away in a random dumpster. After she was placed into custody, their son was released into the custody of Robinson.

Daneisha Johnson was arrested and charged with vandalism. She was released on her own recognizance.

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