Woman threatens assault after her mother denies access to her abode, per report

22-year-old Canasha Phillips was charged with domestic assault after threatening her mother and causing damages to the door of her apartment when she was refused entry.

On October 25th, Memphis Police Officer Tudon arrived at the residence of 2810 Kimball Avenue in response to a domestic violence call. Upon arrival, officers observed Phillips yelling and arguing as well as marks on the door of the apartment from her attempts to enter.

Canasha Phillips (SCSO)
Canasha Phillips (SCSO)

Officer Tudon then spoke to Cameca Ragland who said that her daughter, Canasha Phillips, was angry at Ragland for not wanting to let her inside. Ragland stated that she continuously prevented Phillips from entering. Then Phillips responded with verbal threats to assault her, putting her mother in fear for her life.

Canasha Phillips was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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