Daughters call police when woman attempts to stab their father with scissors, per report

31-year-old Samantha Tran was charged with aggravated assault after her child’s father claimed that she called him a “fatass” then attempted to stab him with scissors.

On October 28th, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies Galloway, Williams, and Hunt arrived at the residence of 4191 Marsh Point Cove in response to a domestic violence call. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with Samantha Tran, who was in her car, and Juan Fonseca, who was putting on a shirt and exiting the house. According to Tran, she was asleep in bed when Fonseca came home drunk and kicked in the bedroom door, waking their daughters. She stated she called him “a fat ass” as she went towards the bathroom and Fonseca reacted by grabbing her and shoving her head into the bathroom sink.

Samantha Tran (SCSO)
Samantha Tran (SCSO)

However, Fonseca stated after he came back from his weekly pool game, he was helping his daughter hang lights on the wall when Tran asked “what are you doing fat ass?” He reported he tried to go into their bedroom to shower but Tran locked the door and would not let him in. Fonseca confirmed he did kick the door open but only so he could get to the bathroom. He advised after he closed the bathroom door, Tran pushed it open, started throwing things at him, and came at him with a small pair of scissors, resulting in him screaming multiple times “she’s stabbing me.”

Their daughters told police Fonseca and Tran left their bedroom and heard their parents fighting. When they heard their dad scream “she’s stabbing me”, they called 911. Officers reportedly found a pair of scissors in Tran’s car but not any severe markings on Fonseca. They noticed scratches but not any stab wounds and Fonseca stated “she did have scissors in her hand but never stabbed him.” Reportedly there is a history of domestic violence between Fonseca and Tran. The daughters were then placed into the custody of Nathan Tran, one of the daughters’ biological father.

Samantha Tran was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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