Girlfriend wacks man after he takes the TV remote to turn it off, per report

28-year-old Jendayah James was charged with domestic assault after she scratched and struck her boyfriend in the face when he turned off the TV to go to sleep after work.

On November 20th, Memphis Police Officers Conner and Douglas responded to a residence located at 3266 Spottswood Avenue for a domestic call. Tonny Wakabi told officers that he was tired and ready to go to sleep after he arrived home from work. Wakabi stated that he grabbed the remote off the bed to turn off the television that his girlfriend, Jendayah James, was watching.

Jendayah James (SCSO)

James became angry and began to scratch and strike Wakabi in the face. The officer’s report stated that David, their roommate, said that he heard the commotion in the bedroom but he did not witness the altercation. James was transported to Jail East and Wakabi completed a Hold Harmless form.

Jendayah James was arrested and charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm. She was later released on a $100 bond.

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