Husband charged when argument about baby momma becomes physical

37-year-old Kevin Sheard was charged with domestic assault after he pushed his wife into a wall during an argument about his child’s mother disrespecting their marriage.

On November 15th, Memphis Police Officers Huley and Hubbard arrived at the residence of 3276 Brevard Drive in response to a domestic violence call. Upon arrival, Amanda Kirkwood advised she got into an argument with her husband, Kevin Sheard, about his child’s mother calling throughout the night and continuously disrespecting their marriage.

Kevin Sheard (SCSO)
Kevin Sheard (SCSO)

She reported that she left the bathroom as she thought the conversation was over, but Kevin pushed her into the bedroom wall, causing cuts to her back and waist as well as swelling to her face. The officers stated that Kevin stayed on the scene in his car and admitted both he and Amanda were under the influence of alcohol during the argument. He also claimed she stabbed him and hit him with metal fishing equipment but had no wounds aside from a small cut to his forehead.

According to the affidavit, Amanda’s son exited his room to see what was happening when he saw Kevin push his mother into the wall. He stated he got involved and broke them apart to prevent his younger siblings from witnessing anything happen to their mom.

Kevin Sheard was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was released on his own recognizance.

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