Ex-boyfriend charged despite video advising assault accusations to be false

28-year-old Jeremy Greham was charged with domestic assault after his ex-girlfriend reported that he kicked her in the stomach and pointed a gun at her when she told him other guys flirted with her.

On November 15th, Memphis Police Officer Williams arrived at 1346 Kney Street in response to a domestic assault call. Per the affidavit, Tianna Driskell stated that several guys approached her, flirted with her, and slapped her butt. She reported that when she told her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy Greham, he chased her down, kicked her stomach, and pulled a handgun on her.

Jeremy Greham (SCSO)
Jeremy Greham (SCSO)

Officer Williams advised that he located Jeremy at 1318 Kney Street and he confirmed Tianna told him about someone touching and flirting with her. However, he said that after she told him, she grabbed the front bumper of his car, tried to tear it off, and left to call the police. Jeremy stated that Tianna had constantly harassed him and threatened to make false reports to the police. He also provided a Facebook live video of an incident in which Tianna said she was going to lie to the police and claim he assaulted her. Both parties were transported to Felony Response for further investigation. Despite the video and his account of events, police deemed Jeremy as the primary aggressor and he was taken into custody.

Jeremy Greham was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

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